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RoboCupJunior Egypt Awards

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 11.16.21 PM.png

RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand

RoboCup @Home Education

Team Name: AAST-RIC

Awards: World Champion 

RoboCup @Home Education

Team Name: AAST-CAI

Awards: 5th place Award 

RCJ Rescue Maze

Team Name: Mwahab B.G

Awards: 1st Place SuperTeam  ​

RoboCupJunior 2016, Leipzig, Germany

RCJ Soccer Light Weight Secondary 

Team Name: Aliens

Awards: Best Superteam Integration

RCJ Rescue Line Primary

Team Name: Trackers

Awards: Best Software Programming 

RCJ Rescue Line Secondary

Team Name: RAM

Awards: Best Presentation ​

RCJ Dance Secondary

Team Name: Spare Parts

Awards: 1st place SuperTeam World Champion

RoboCupJunior 2015, Hefei, China
RCJ Soccer Open

Team Name: Maneuvers

Awards: Best Superteam Integration - Best Poster

RCJ Soccer Light-Weight Primary

Team Name: Mini-Footballers

Awards: Super team World Champions

RCJ Soccer Light-Weight Secondary 

Team Name: Ball Basters

Awards: Best Superteam Integration - Best poster

RCJ Rescue Line Primary

Team Name: Rescue Rangers

Awards: Best Mechanical Solution 

RCJ Dance Secondary

Team Name: Spare Parts

Awards: 3rd Place in the RCJ OnStage - Best Use of Sensors

RoboCupJunior 2014, João Pessoa, Brazil

The first Egyptian team from AASTMT joined the international event in Brazil 2014
RCJ Soccer Open-Weight
Team Name: Captin Mageed

Awards: Best SuperTeam Communication.

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