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RoboCup @Home Education

The RoboCup@Home Education Challenge is an educational competition platform to cultivate beginner teams for RoboCup@Home challenges.

The unique Workshop+Competition format effectively boosts novice participants for challenging service robot development and AI learning within an event time. 

The purpose of the Education Challenge is to open the participation for everyone, especially novice and non-expert participants with no past experience.

RoboCup @Home Education Registration

Competition Date:

  • 6-10 February 2023.

Competition Venue:

  • Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Alamien.

Age Limits:

  • Above 19 years old on July 1, 2023.

- First-place winner can participate in the International RoboCup 2023 in France.

Note: Team has to achieve 60% of the total score to be accepted at the international level.

Team Members:

  • Minimum: 2 students per team and Maximum 5 students per team plus ONE Mentor.

Registration Deadline:

  • Online Registration is available from 1st of November 2022 till 5th of December 2022.

Registration Fees:

  • 15,000 L.E. per Team for Workshop. (will be held in December, Team from 2 to 5 students)

  • 3,500 L.E. per student for Competition. (will be held in Februry, Team from 2 to 5 students)

Note: Robots and Ai Kits that will be used during the training and the competition will be prepared by the Competition, Teams don't need to buy or get their own robots.

All the Registration fees must be paid through the Regional Informatics Center at AASTMT, Abo Qeer, Alexandria or the AASTMT Bank Account.


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